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After staging his death and running away, Huck meets up with Jim, a runaway slave from the village. They decide to travel down the river together. Both of them are running away to gain their freedom: Jim from slavery, Huck from his father's abuse and the Widow Douglas's restrictive lifestyle although Huck does not see it that way yet. For a major part of their journey together, Huck views Jim as property.

Jim becomes a father figure--the first Huck ever had in his life. Jim teaches Huck right and wrong, and an emotional bond develops through the course of their journey down the river. By the last segment of the novel, Huck has learned to think like a man instead of a boy. This change is most poignantly demonstrated when we see the melodramatic prank that Tom Sawyer would have played with Jim even though he knows that Jim is already a free man. It's a naked man running!

Did you ever see such a thing!? Ah, the pleasures of reading classics untethered from schools and syllabi! View 1 comment. Sep 10, Michael Finocchiaro rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , novels , americanth-c , fiction , classics , kids. More mature and longer than its cousin, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn remains an incredible kid's story of initiation and adventure.

Yes, there is some racial stereotypes in the depiction of Jim, but let's give Mark Twain the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to tell a good story and is sympathetic to the anti-slavery movement. An amazing tale that has not aged a bit! Aug 07, James rated it really liked it Shelves: 1-fiction , 4-written-preth-century , 2-fic-young-adult.

I've actually read this book twice: once as a year-old and again in college as part of my many American English courses. My interpretations have expanded with the second read, but it's still at the core, a very profound book worth reading at least once in a lifetime. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer appear in a few of Twain's novels, but it is in this one where Huck truly becomes a character, especially through his relationship with Jim.

It's the type of book to openly challenge the norms and ideals of the midth century, relationships between various races, treatment towards fellow humankind. Over years later, this book is still pertinent to society today.

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So much needs to evolve and change, and perhaps with literature, it will move a little more each day -- at least as one of the necessary driving forces. At times, I tried to forget that the book was calling out differences between treatment of ethnicity and race in America at the time. I wanted to think about it also from the perspective of two human beings who needed each other for survival, growth, life experience and comfort.

Being color-blind and able to connect with someone, even if you don't see them or no much about them, is an important lesson in life. And one so few of us have an opportunity to experience. One book can't change it.

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One book can't truly explain it. But knowing what was happening years ago versus what is happening now is important. As is what people thought back then If you haven't read this, as an American, it's your responsibility. Understand the past and history. Know what it was like. Read it from year-old words. And decide what you can do to keep things moving forward at a quicker pace About Me For those new to me or my reviews I write A LOT.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Many thanks to their original creators. Oct 13, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: rural-farm-country-life , history , middle-grade , classic , fiction. I used to hate this book when I was younger, but I'm glad I gave it another chance because there's so much more to it than I initially realized, and it's such an unforgettable and funny novel.

Sep 08, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: early-american-lit , great-american-novels , Tom Sawyer was all fun and games - Don Quixote, as he points out himself, "all adventures and more adventures. He spends most of the novel helping a runaway slave escape, and he brilliantly represents a person judging the morals of society against the morals he's come up with himself, and ending up in the right place. That's why Huck Finn isn't a racist novel: Twain means to show us how a person who approaches life honestly will come out against racism. He's not subtle about it.

And Twain pulls off this wonderful reversal near the end of the book: Sawyer suddenly view spoiler [reappears on the scene, pulling the same hijinks he always has, but now we see it through Huck's and Jim's eyes, and it's maddening. Huck wants to find the most direct solution to the problem of freeing Jim, who's been recaptured. Tom wants to complicate things, as he always does; rather than just pulling a loose board out and making off, Tom insists on digging under the wall, and loosing bugs into Jim's prison so he can be properly prisonerish, and finally warning the family about the impending escape to make the whole thing more dangerous.

Twain takes a leap in Huck Finn, showing us an adult world and then showing us what real stakes look like when Tom Sawyer gets a hold of them, and it's devastating to watch Tom toy with Jim's life this way. This radical flip is one of Twain's best moves, and it elevates Huck Finn considerably. But Jim, for all his humanity, is still problematic.

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He never drives anything forward himself, and his passivity makes me uncomfortable. He's certainly shown to be kind, and we're allowed to see him weeping for his separated wife and children, and we get to see his heavily allegorical refusal to allow Tom to throw rattlesnakes into his prison to make it more realistic. We're allowed into Jim's humanity, yeah, but he never gets to drive the plot.

At the end, when he realizes that he'd been a free man all along, and Huck didn't know it but Tom did and Tom was just playing I wanted a moment of anger from him. Didn't he deserve it?

Shouldn't Jim have had a moment when he said, "What about my wife and children? In making Jim the co-lead but giving him no action, Twain failed Jim; so while this is an anti-racism book, it's not totally an enlightened one. Here I am, 26 years later, having read it again, and loving it perhaps more than I did then. I mean I was in hysteria I was laughing so hard.


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

I had to cover my mouth a few times when I burst out laughing when I was reading next to my sleeping beauty. I liked this so much that I bought a hard copy. I plan to read it again and again. He touched on some very deep, heartbreaking issues, all covered in lightheartedness. I remember reading this when I was young, then reading other books on slavery because of it. I felt that interest peaking again as I read it. That made me weep too. We sure have come a long way. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer opened the door to this book, my favorite of the two. Not the buddy that blindly follows but the thinking man, the one that sits back to watch and learn from the things he sees before him.

I adore Huck for how he handles the life lessons that have been dealt to him and those around him. As the story develops his backbone gets stronger and he starts coming into his own. Standing up for not only himself but others.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Jun 25, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: fave-classics. Now, how in the nation is a body going to start this review? Well, I'll be ding-busted! All too often they require additional effort to decipher and are just plain irritating. However, I have to make an exception for Mark Twain because he does it better than anybody else I can think of. There is never any confusion about the meaning and his colloquial narrative style and dialogue add a great deal of humour, charm Now, how in the nation is a body going to start this review? There is never any confusion about the meaning and his colloquial narrative style and dialogue add a great deal of humour, charm and atmosphere to the story.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn does not need any synopsis I think, as it is one of the most widely read novel of all time. At the most basic level it is an adventure yarn of a rough young lad and an escaped slave on a raft down the Mississippi River, both running away from unbearable circumstances, and meeting some very colorful characters along the river.