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  1. Word podcast 293 – Mark Blake on Peter Grant, the man-mountain behind Led Zeppelin
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  5. Peter Grant - Man Who Led Zeppelin (6-1974)

He was the hands-on manager who always travelled with the band, made sure costs were kept down, and that promoters paid up. It was life experience that equipped Grant for the task he handled so masterfully.

Born on April 5, , he was raised in Battersea, South London, by his mother. During the Second World War he was an evacuee and endured a disrupted schooling. In the post-war years the big-built cockney lad held down a number of odd jobs. An attraction to showbusiness led him to become a theatre stagehand, and he landed walk-on roles in several movies during the 50s. Wrestler Paul Lincoln aka Doctor Death , who ran the 2Is, encouraged his imposing bouncer to try a few bouts.

Word podcast 293 – Mark Blake on Peter Grant, the man-mountain behind Led Zeppelin

Grant was billed as Count Massimo and crashed around the ring, butting people with his bulbous stomach. Grant had done National Service at the age of A former corporal, he knew how to deal with troublemakers. When the group broke up in Grant helped Jimmy form the New Yardbirds — who soon afterwards changed their name to Led Zeppelin. His dealings behind the scenes soon became legendary. Overweight, Grant suffered from back pain that did not help his temper.

Peter Grant (music manager) - Wikipedia

But there was a lot to smile about. Eventually everything Grant had worked for had come to fruition. With him pulling the strings and the band pulling the crowds, Led Zeppelin become the biggest rock band on the planet. Feared, respected and loved in equal measure, Peter Grant seemed like a man of destiny.

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With his band out of action and him and them holed up in a rented house in America, Grant was prey to temptations he normally avoided. He began experimenting with the drugs that were floating around the buoyant rock scene. Under stress and often in pain, his mood swings became ever more unpredictable. Worried about death threats to the band, he began backing up his own intimidating manner by hiring security guards with guns.

The good-time party atmosphere was replaced by something more sinister. And while coping with security and financial problems, he neglected his family affairs.

Gloria was especially unhappy at the time her husband was living in a rented house in Long Island, reputedly to avoid having to pay crippling UK taxes. It was not a good scene.

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There were drug problems with one or two people, including myself. It was really hard for me, because I had to leave the kids and my divorce was starting. He moved out of the manor house and went to live in Los Angeles, where, down and depressed, he turned to cocaine and eventually found himself taken over by the drug. By Led Zeppelin had recovered sufficiently to carry on performing and recording.

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His health deteriorated, and he had a mild heart attack. As he suffered from diabetes, he was ordered not to drink alcohol or take sugar. It was a dark and gloomy time. And Richard Cole knew his boss was now dabbling in harder drugs. Plans were made for the group to play two special shows at Knebworth in August It destroyed their lives.

Robert will not have it but still loves the music but not the band as a collective as it is nasty energy. The book shows this well.

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John Paul Jones wanted to leave after 73 tour. Then dope, near murder then deaths followed. Bad trip. Good albums.

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Good Book and very revealing if read closely. Save my name, e-mail and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Related posts:. Dave Lewis on his new photo book 'Led Zeppelin Live: '.

Peter Grant - Man Who Led Zeppelin (6-1974)

The original 'Led Zeppelin' artwork is on display at the University of Brighton. These radical contradictions simultaneously solidified his legacy and cut short his career. In , he was hired by equally legendary music impresario Don Arden, who put him to work managing artists like Chuck Berry , Gene Vincent, the Animals and, eventually, the Yardbirds.

All the while he displayed the sort of heavy-handed management techniques that he'd later put to good use for Zeppelin. He eventually came out of his shell to dabble in everything from bit acting roles to speaking engagements at music-business conferences, where his experience and reputation for revolutionizing so many business practices was duly recognized by peers and successors.