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Yan Lin Aung Yoda T. Nakayama S. Fabrication and laser performance of polycrystal and single crystal Nd:YAG by advanced ceramic processing. Pankratov V.

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Shirmane L. Chudoba T. Gluchowski P. Hreniak D.

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Strek W. Peculiarities of luminescent properties of cerium doped YAG transparent ceramics. Pujats A. The F-type centres in YAG crystals. Springis M. Polarization of luminescence of colour centers in YAG crystals. Zorenko Yu. Zorenko T. Gorbenko V. Voznyak T. Savchyn V.

Recent Journal of Luminescence Articles

Bilski P. Peculiarities of luminescence and scintillation properties of YAG: Ce phosphor prepared in different crystalline forms. Nizhankovsky S. Dan'ko A. Zelenskaya O. Tarasov V. Zorenko Y. Pizikov V.

Piezoluminescence in a quartz crystal

Grin L. Trushkovskii A. Cathodo-luminescence and scintillation characteristics of YAG:Ce crystals grown by horizontal directional crystallization in aprotective atmosphere. Salas P. Arredondo A. Montoya J. Angeles C. Low temperature synthesis and structural characterization of nanocrystalline YAG prepared by modified sol-gel method. To further understand the effect of local crystal structure on UC luminescence properties, each process leading to UC emission was investigated. The diffuse reflectance spectra and the DC luminescence spectra under excitement at nm are shown in Figures 6 and 7 , respectively.

This indicates that the influence of local crystal structure in the absorption and emission processes is not sufficient to fully determine the UC luminescence characteristics.

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Thus, local crystal structure has a profound effect on the ET process. Please login to view your saved searches. Additional Info. PDF K. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Crystal structures of host compounds and the local structures of the sites that can be occupied by rare-earth ions.

Figure 6. Figure 7. Search for Articles Advanced Search in Where we should looking for? Any Title Author Keywords Abstract. Published in. Publication Date All dates. Last: Select month 6 months year. Custom range: From: Year Year Saved Search Please login to view your saved searches. Layer-by-layer Nanoarchitectonics: Invention, Innovation, and Evolution.

Task-Specific Ionic Liquids. Auzel , Chem. Crossref , Medline , CAS. Yin , L. Zhou , Z. Tian , S.

Examples of Luminescence

Jin , L. Yan , X. Liu , G. Xing , W. Ren , F. Liu , Z. Pan , Y. Zhao , J.

Examples of Luminescence

Crossref , CAS. Gnach , A.

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