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By: Sebastian Zanke. By: Charles R. Publication Date: 22 Aug Challenging the Paradigm. Publication Date: 02 Oct By: Amanda C. Publication Date: 15 Aug Scotland and Finnmark. By: Liv Helene Willumsen. Publication Date: 13 Jun By: Elena Carrera. Publication Date: 04 Jul Didactical Literature and Metaphorical Representation Publication Date: 20 Jun By: Jonathan William Robinson.

Publication Date: 23 Nov Tensions in the Early Modern Era. Publication Date: 09 Nov Editor s : Clare Copeland and Johannes Machielsen. By: Brad C. Publication Date: 27 Aug By: Esther Mijers. Publication Date: 03 May By: Jussi Varkemaa. Publication Date: 28 Oct The Case of Mansfeld. By: Robert J.

Editor s : Sarah Blick and Laura Gelfand. Publication Date: 10 May Word, Image and Religion in the Dutch Republic. By: Els Stronks. Publication Date: 21 Mar By: Marianne Roobol.

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The Commentary on the Sentences of Petrus Lombardus. Editor s : Daniel Nodes. Publication Date: 19 Nov By: Andrew L.

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Publication Date: 06 Apr Editor s : Robert Stein and Judith Pollmann. By: Joseph F. Publication Date: 07 Dec Publication Date: 23 Dec By: Robert Maryks.

What's Wrong with Early Medieval Medicine?

Publication Date: 15 Nov By: Abigail Firey. Publication Date: 21 Sep By: Daniel Baumann. Publication Date: 20 May Publication Date: 02 Jun Essays in Honour of Arjo Vanderjagt. Editor s : Alasdair A. MacDonald , Z. Publication Date: 25 Mar Editor s : Palmira Brummett. Publication Date: 24 Apr By: Jonathan Reid. Publication Date: 24 Jun Women as Pilgrims in the Later Middle Ages.

By: Leigh Ann Craig. Publication Date: 16 Mar By: Aurelio Espinosa. Publication Date: 30 Nov By: Jacqueline Van Gent. Publication Date: 30 Sep Eine Untersuchung zur ersten Diktion des Defensor pacis. By: Vasileios Syros.

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Publication Date: 31 Aug By: Douglas Shantz. By: Lesley K.

"Peripheral Vision: Scotland in early medieval Europe" Keynote Lecture by Dr Ewan Campbell

Publication Date: 03 Jun Editor s : John Newton and Jo Bath. Publication Date: 15 Apr By: Olli-Pekka Vainio. Publication Date: 28 Feb Editor s : Sylvia Brown. Essays in Honor of Thomas A. Brady, Jr. By: Alexander Schmidt.

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Publication Date: 30 Jul By: Paola Zambelli. By: Jonathan B. Publication Date: 30 Jun From Communities to Individuals. Editor s : Richard Newhauser. Publication Date: 31 Mar By: Judith Becker. Essays in Honour of Alastair Duke. Editor s : Judith Pollmann and Andrew Spicer. By: Bart Jan Spruyt. Publication Date: 27 Oct The Waldensian Barbes 15th—16th Centuries.

By: Gabriel Audisio. By: Pavel Blazek. By: Crofton Black. Publication Date: 29 Aug By: Bernd Roeck. By: Christopher Ocker. Editor s : Robert E. Publication Date: 29 Nov By: James M. Publication Date: 23 Sep Editor s : Elizabeth Lane Furdell. By: Pasi Ihalainen. By: Franz Posset. Publication Date: 29 Jul Editor s : Alexia Grosjean and Steve Murdoch.

Publication Date: 29 Apr By: Tom Scott.

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By: Louis Pascoe. Editor s : Sarah Blick and Rita Tekippe. Editor s : Martin Kaufhold. Publication Date: 27 Jul By: Carolyn Marino Malone. Publication Date: 07 Jul By: Christopher Witcombe. Publication Date: 27 May Publication Date: 28 Jun By: Yvonne Petry. By: Jan van Herwaarden. By: J. Publication Date: 24 Mar By: Janet P. Publication Date: 25 Apr By: Irena Backus. Publication Date: 25 Feb By: Odd Langholm.