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One teenage boy commit suicide while listening to Ozzy Osbourne's song , you guessed it The young man still had the earphones on his head and the song playing when he was rolled into the coroner's office. Most people can't imagine such evils, which is where these movies come into play, educating the viewer as to what depths of darkness are possible.

The result is a society that is capable of the unthinkable. Read the news lately? To no surprise, Stephen King liked the creepy film, giving it praise. The Mist film is of the Devil. In his right hand he is making the sign, and a NWO hand sign in his left hand. This plainly evidences that Stephen King's movie is a sacrifice to Satan, on screen for the public to view. This is how subtle Luciferians are today. They are bringing Satanic sacrifices right to the movie theatre, and into people's homes. What is really terrible is that the religious woman is carrying and quoting from a Bible at the beginning of the film, wearing a dress, and appears to be a God-fearing Christian; but then Stephen King trashes her character as the movie progresses, until she is a devil-worshipping psycho, who practices ritual human sacrifice, and is consumed with hatred.

No doubt this is what Mr. King thinks about born-again Christians who preach the Bible and love God. Other religious people are portrayed as normal who don't preach what they believe to anyone. Stephen King obviously has much resentment for Bible-believing Christians who preach the truth to others. The world doesn't care what you believe oh Christian, just so long as you hide your candle for God under a bushel and stay in your closet; but all the hordes of Hell will attack the faithful Christian who holds forth the Word of life as the Bible commands Philippians Everything that Hollywood writes and produces today is saturated with violence, killing, death, murder, torture, and gore.

Hollywood is a cesspool of spiritual rot, infested with maggots! We have become a culture of death. Should it be surprising in view of such movies over the past few decades, that the most dangerous place on earth is in a mother's womb!!! You cannot tell me that the plethora of blood and guts movies which America has grown up on for the past few decades has not had a detrimental effect on our thinking as a society. People today have no qualms or hesitation about having an abortion, and President Obama has just stated in his State of the Union speech in , that he wants to make abortion much more commonplace as a right.

Hollywood is sicko, spiritually wicked, and of the Devil. Such naive consumers will find themselves watching nude sex orgies for the first half of the movie, and a deranged Christian mother murder her daughter in the second half of the movie so she can be with Jesus. This is what the world thinks about Bible-believing Christians. To no surprise, Roger Ebert gives the sicko movie his highest rating of 4-stars.

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The movie is intended to portray Christians who believe in the Rapture as potentially delusional suicidal lunatics. The film is straight out of the pits of Hell, a trashy mockery of Biblical Christianity, mixing pornography with a warped Gospel message in the name of Hollywood entertainment. The movie has nothing to do with the Biblical doctrine of the Rapture; but rather is a graphic satire and mockery of Christianity.

Download Cinematic Savior: Hollywood's Making of the American Christ PDF Online

Mimi Rogers attempts to justify the trashy film by claiming it is mere art, an expression of one person's thoughts. The truth of the matter is that the movie blaspheme God, mocks Bible-believing Christians as being nutcases, and distorts between fiction verses reality. They call this trash art? In the film, Mimi Rogers portrays a woman who goes from participating in swinging sex orgies, to finding religion, to putting a bullet in her daughter's head so she can go to be with Jesus in Heaven.

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And they call this garbage art? The people who made this movie are sick-minded freaks, God-haters, and seriously warped people in need of salvation. The movie blasphemes Christianity.

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There are two boys whose mother is a drunk. The boy's names are Jason and Marcus. Jason gets hit and killed by a speeding truck at the beginning of the film. His brother, who is only minutes younger by birth, sets out on a quest to contact his dead brother. Marcus is taken away from his mother by Child Protection Services and is placed with a foster family.

Marcus steals pounds of money from his new foster parents and uses the money to consult with several soothsayers, psychics, occultists, necromancers, et cetera. Marcus searches the internet for answers and finds a website where a preacher asks if the viewer is afraid of death.

In the movie a middle-aged aspiring journalist dies at the beginning of the film in a tsunami. She experiences visions, seeing a white light and people walking toward the white light.

She is revived by the good Samaritans. The woman has been changed, going from being a cutthroat reporter to caring and considerate now that she knows what is on the other side after death. The truth is that the Bible condemns such nonsense as witchcraft. There are only two sources of spiritual power: God and Satan. Psychics tap into Satan's power, although that is rarely their intentions.

Anybody who dabbles in spiritual matters without the Holy Spirit is messing with witchcraft and Satan. Clint Eastwood directed this movie and has publicly stated that he is not a Christian, but instead prefers Buddhism, which he jokingly says he likes because Buddha is fat and happy. Eastwood says he grew up in a non-denominational home and has no particular religious faith. Clearly, Eastwood is not saved. It's worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, the pedophile capital of America.

I think the people who produced that movie did a woeful injustice to the town of Fargo. I'm sure the local townspeople were glad for the jobs and short-term income, but think about the long-term stereotype left on the town? You couldn't pay me to live in a city best known for filming a murder movie. No thanks, I'll live somewhere else. Many Hollywood actors have refused to play certain roles which display their bodies in gory, disturbing, and dehumanizing scenes, because they don't want their name associated with that stereotype in people's minds for the rest of their life and beyond.

Many actors will do it, but only for the right price in the millions-of-dollars range. You couldn't pay me enough to participate in a Hollywood movie with barb-wire wrapped around my head, scenes of bloody gruesome torture, and maggots crawling out of my body on the TV screen, like Sam Neill allowed them to do to him in the sci-fi hit film EVENT HORIZON one of the most evil and hideous films ever produced—featuring barbarous sex orgies, cleverly masked oral sex scenes, and all manner of inhumane and bizarre human torture.

There are some sadistic, demented, and demon-possessed freaks in charge of movie production, which is why they are so famous and influential in the movie industry.

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Satan is the god of this world, and he is inspiring some insane freakish monsters. Someone needs to speak the truth about Hollywood. What was once a quaint and traditional American town, is now overshadowed as the town of murder. It is creepy.

The Savior () - IMDb

You couldn't pay me to live in Fargo now, because people actually visit, I mean tourists actually go there, to see the city where the mass-murder movie FARGO was made. It is so creepy. I feel sorry for the residents who live in Fargo, who now live in a city known mostly for the murder movie named after it. What a horrible thing to do to a city. It is my opinion that this was done on purpose, as the ongoing attempt to demoralize, corrupt and weaken Americas families.

What a horrible mindset to create for a city! Every town or city is famous for something, whether it be San Francisco's homosexuality, Salem's witchcraft, Chicago's ongoing history of political corruption and gangsters, or Fargo as the city where the infamous murder movie was made. What a horrible thing to be known as.

I'm sure at the time of the making of the movie that the city representatives of Fargo welcomed the revenue, but what a horrible price to pay. They sold their souls. I just wouldn't want to live in a small town infamous for a movie about some sicko criminals and murderers. Hollywood has no sense of decency.

There has been a drastic increase in violent reality shows, featuring blood-stained walls, gruesome mass-killings, torture, gory details, and the public can't get enough of it The network's ratings have soared. Our nation is madly in love with every form of wickedness imaginable and they want to see it on their 36" plasma TV screen hanging on the wall. High definition blood and guts.

It is sad. So many cities have been demonized by Hollywood. The following information is quoted from pages of the excellent work by Dr. In regard to your question concerning television, I have some very deep convictions concerning this matter, and personally I think it is much more of an evil than it is of good or of blessing. It is the most expensive way of getting the Gospel out. The cost of television is so tremendous that we could reach far more people by radio than we can by television.