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  1. Last Werewolf / Bloodlines Trilogy
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But even this hard-won, tenuous peace is undermined for Talulla by nagging thoughts of Remshi, the 20,year-old vampire who haunts her dreams. For his part, Remshi can't escape the feeling that he knows Talulla from many many, many years before. Still, they have their distractions: Talulla is being pursued by a fanatical, Vatican-based Christian cult, and Remshi is following a trail of reckless feedings by a newly turned vampire bent on revenge.

But, as the novel unfolds, Talulla and Remshi are inexorably drawn to each other - and toward the moment when an ancient prophecy may finally come to pass. Genre: Horror.

Glen Duncan "The Last Werewolf" Part 4 of 4

The Woman in Cabin 10 Ruth Ware. Far from it! The insightfulness, the wit, the compassion that comes with Duncan's words should make the reader reflect or ponder on the words themselves, not how he's writing them. I found myself rereading and highlighting whole paragraphs to go back and contemplate later. I also found myself at times, despite the stereotypical prejudice, the constant change and, of course, the dietary requirements, wishing I shared in Talullah's Lunar shuffle! The next day you wake up in sheets that smell of fabric conditioner.

There is CNN. There is coffee. There is weather. There is your human face in the mirror. The world, you discover, is a place of appalling continuity. Duncan made this trilogy so realistic that I find myself, in flights of fancy, scrutinizing strangers wondering if I would want to be anywhere near them on the next full moon Feb 03, John Boettcher rated it it was amazing.

An absolutely fabulous ending to an already enthralling trilogy!! There was this magazine reviewing Duncan that I read and one of the question's asked was something along the lines of "Were you happy with the way it ended? Otherwise, that question would be completely unnecessary. The third book is fantastic! I An absolutely fabulous ending to an already enthralling trilogy!! I didn't know where Duncan was going to take the story after the first book, "The Last Werewolf", but each book kept getting better and better and better with each chapter read.

In this third and final installment of the series, we get, for the first time, narration of the story from a Vampire's point of view. It does not disappoint! There seems to be a little bit of Jake Marlowe in all of the characters, even though they are complete and different entities unto themselves. The story brings the reader into touch with their own humanity, life in general, and opens the eyes of the reader to so many of those things our mind just skips over in our daily life. It makes us recognize all those things that are significant that culture just says "This is how it is, there is nothing to be done about it, so accept it, and forget it.

By the end of the series we see that the Werewolves and Vampires actually have more "humanity" than the human's portrayed in the story. That, and the ending is spectacular. It does have to be a monumental challenge in wrapping up a trilogy that has SO much going on it it.

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Duncan does it in a way that few author's of trilogies are able to pull off. And Duncan does it in style. Some people are not going to "get" this book the way Duncan wants it to be understood.

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However, everyone who gives it a chance, the entire trilogy a chance, will love his story, his characters, and his beautiful, poignant, cutting, observant, spot-on prose. His prose, yeah.

Last Werewolf / Bloodlines Trilogy

Just commenting on that properly would take another review in itself. It's something you have to experience for yourself to enjoy completely. The only way I can adequately describe it in my sub-par language is that Duncan appears to have been born in the early 19th century, and only began writing these last several years. In short, the prose is a combination of goodness and greatness.

Series: The Last Werewolf

It is an absolute joy to read. There are not many books when I can just punch that 5 star rating when I review a book, but I punched it and punched it with gusto! Whatever you are looking for in a book, a series, a story, or writing, Glen Duncan provides it. In spades. Feb 07, Jen rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Glen Duncan.

Because he clearly loves his own voice so much. I just really, really hate the way he tells them. Everything I hated about the first book in this series and choked down in the second one was in full force here, starting with how every single character has the exact same smug voice. All talking to "you. Here's how it goes - You think you're interested in the story, so you forget how incredibly much you hate Glen Duncan's voice, and you try it anyway. And then you remember. It's the endless pop culture references and the self-congratulatory pseudo-intellectual bullshit that makes you think that if you ran into Glen Duncan in his stupid leather coat, you'd tell him this: Even an engaging story can be made completely worthless by an author who is THAT enchanted with the sound of his own voice.

Now all that's left for me to do is remember this. He's not finished. He'll write another book in this series. It isn't worth it.

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  • By Blood We Live (The Last Werewolf, #3) by Glen Duncan.
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  • On the bright side, I can check off the box for "Book about a non-human character" on my reading challenge! While werewolves are not immortal they do live for an awful long time and world weary Jake has seen a lot and done a lot, and is ready to let go of this life. Then all of sudden Jake isn't the last werewolf. Talulla arrives and Jake's world gets a little brighter. Their meeting eventually leads to their twins Zoe and Lorcan. Seconds after giving birth, Lorcan is ripped away from Talulla.

    In Talulla Rising the novel's namesake chases after her son's kidnappers in an effort to get him back. While Talulla doesn't have time for the sort of melancholic, existential crisis Jake goes through in the first book, there are questions about how one raises children who by their very nature have to learn how to commit murder efficiently and safely safe for them, not their victims on a monthly basis.

    The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan, Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®

    Questions about life, death, and humanity play against a backdrop of action packed with copious amounts of blood and gore. This trilogy started in an interesting way but got weaker with each book. The Last Werewolf had some beautiful writing in places and presented a new take on the werewolf genre. Written from a woman's perspective, I felt Tallula was less successful than its predecessor but was still well worth the read.

    By Blood We Live is written from multiple perspectives making for an uneven narrative. The bigger problem I had with this and that was there didn't seem to be any overarching goal or problem to be solved. Not that every story needs this but in the first book there is a steady march towards Jake's demise, and then when Talulla arrives, the question becomes will Jake survive.

    The story continues in the second book with Talulla trying to rescue her son and get her children to safety. To be honest, beyond the daily struggle to survive - in the case of werewolves this means finding ways to satisfy the beast's hunger while evading humans who want to kill them not without good reason - I'm not entirely clear what the third book was about or why it matters.

    There was something about a cure, a prophesy, the reincarnation of an old lover, and militant angels who have made it their mission to hunt down and kill werewolves. The story never came together for me and it lacked the interesting introspection of the first two books. This would have been okay if this series were just a horror series about monsters and blood, but the series started out as something more. I found myself skimming through the last pages because I just wanted to finish already and move on to something else.

    Thankfully, now I can. May 13, Ellyce rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , urban-fantasy , vampires , letdowns-and-disappointments , read-in , werewolves , most-anticipated-releases-of In turn Remshi can't escape the feeling that he knows Talulla from years before many, many, many years Aug 17, Tahira rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. It's not a secret how I feel about Glen Duncan. If there is one author living I could choose to have a drink s with - without hesitation it would be him. He simply writes on a different plane.

    He operates in a universe all his own. He is able to put the simplest words together and make such profound sentences. It's written in the same ferocious, flowing, beautiful style only Glen Duncan can give us.

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    View all 6 comments. Overall, 3. I considered rounding up but after thinking about it I decided that I didn't enjoy it well enough for 4 stars. This is supposedly the last I the Last Werewolf trilogy, although the ending leaves me in doubt of that. I love the style of Duncan's writing. It usually always keeps me interested, hanging on every word.